Key West Botanical Garden Survey

The Board is seeking your feedback on a number of issues that are facing us. Please take a few minutes and answer the questions below. We value your opinion and thank you for your time.

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1. Please choose the answers that describes you best (check all that apply)

2. How long have you been a member of the Garden?

3. What is your current / past role in the organization

4. How many times last year did you visit the garden

5. Do you live in Key West

6. Primary interest area

The mission statement of this Society is as follows:

“The purpose of this organization shall be to preserve, develop and expand the Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden as an arboretum, botanical garden, museum, wildlife refuge, habitat and educational center for threatened, endangered and endemic species of flora and fauna, both resident and migratory, of the Florida Keys, Cuba and the Caribbean Basin; and it shall serve as a center for the study of and research into such flora and fauna so as to encourage the conservation and promote the benefits of native plants and wildlife.”

7. Select the rating below that best describes the effectiveness of the Society in meeting its mission.

8. Select the rating below that best describes the effectiveness of the Society as a steward of the Garden.

9. We will, in the next few years, be required by our FCT and City agreements to build some new buildings. In addition, we will plan new natural restoration areas. Please check the three (3) most important areas that should be given the highest priority

10. Identify priority issues of the Garden (check all that apply)

What suggestions, comments or complaints do you have for us?

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