A Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden Event

Go Green! Science Fair

May 17, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Note: This information is from the event archive and is no longer current.

The Key West Botanical Garden Education Department is hosting the 3rd annual “Go Green!” Middle School Science Fair largely sponsored by Waste Management and Centennial Bank on Friday, May 17. This year’s event will include over 100 students from the Lower Keys as well as prominent members of the local community who are involved in sustainable living.

The goal of the Go Green! Science Fair is to have students in grades 6-8 invent or modify products or processes that improve the use of energy. Students can also choose to develop projects that find ways to use renewable resources or recycled items. The idea is to decrease the impacts on our environment and encourage conservation. It promotes science education, higher order thinking, problem solving, and protecting our resources. It also gets Middle School students thinking about real world problems and solutions at an early age.

The Key West Botanical Garden Education Department is very excited to be working with the Monroe County School District on this exciting program. We also have generous support from Waste Management and Centennial Bank. This is truly a community event, with members from leading organizations participating in the judging of each student’s project.

The Go Green! Science Fair is at the Key West Botanical Garden on Stock Island on May 17. Students will arrive and set up their project by 9:30 am. Judging begins at 10 am and lasts until 11:30. The awards ceremony will be held at 12:15. This event is open to the public and we encourage parents and supporters of the sustainable movement to come see the next generation of scientists, environmentalists, and business leaders. Please call 305-849-8733 for more details.

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